Don’t be shy to be you. Don’t slink down in your seat in this classroom of life looking to everyone else to see where you should go and what you should do. Don’t compare and think they’re all doing it better than you. Don’t judge yourself because you’re not exactly interested in the same things they are though they appear to be doing better than you; they’ve got their own set of struggles too.

You were made very unique. There is only ONE of you. You’re here to fulfill a soul purpose so great that only you can fulfill. No one can be you. No one can do it like you do. No one thinks like you or talks like you or has your mind, body or soul. Absolutely no one in this world even compares to you! That’s refreshing and empowering, isn’t it! I love knowing there is only one of me. I love knowing that no one can do things the way I do them or think the thoughts I think. I love knowing that I’m incomparable and irreplaceable….and guess what…SO ARE YOU!

Own it. All that you are makes you so f&cking amazing! You have gifts that only you can deliver in this world and without them being delivered, the world is missing a very important piece of the universal puzzle. And you really need to understand how true that is because literally without you…the puzzle can never be whole. Your thoughts, experiences and words are solely yours and you need to let them shine. Your heart is a precious treasure that has an energy all it’s own. Give, share and deliver your special gifts to this world dolls…we need them. We need you. You ARE needed and wanted here in the collective consciousness and it’s time to rise up and start shining your light for us all to see because there are chosen ones here that won’t open there eyes until you shine brighter to set them free! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am needed. I am wanted. I am irreplaceable!