Stop trying to control. Stop trying to plot out all the workings of your life. State your intentions, tell God your desires and trust where you’re being led. Allow life to work FOR you…don’t do the heavy lifting, that’s the Universe’s job. I realized actually recently that I’ve been doing a lot of extra work only to find out I really didn’t need to.

I would pray and tell God everything, I would set my intentions and work towards my dreams but I realized that even though I have trust and faith….God was trying to show me for a while now that I can have more…MUCH MORE. So I thought to myself, what’s the worst that could happen right? I’ve been doing things THIS particular way for a long time now and yes I’ve gotten pretty far but my dreams are BIG and I know I serve a very powerful, wide-scale purpose here on Earth and I just couldn’t ever figure out how I was going to accomplish everything burning in my heart. So what do I teach people? To do the opposite. I mean there’s more to it than that but simply stated that’s the gist of it.

So I got even more intentional with my prayers and thoughts. I got even more mindful of the words I confessed in my own mind AND out loud and then something started to shift in a big way. Suddenly doors started to open that shocked me. Things started flowing my way on a grander scale. And my old habit was to then block what I was receiving…negate it and find it too good to be true. Knowing this about myself I got very mindful of my energy when I received. I started celebrating and shouting before things came through. And then more started showing up and I will be honest with you – those old triggers still got poked. I still wanted to say it was too good to be true or it wouldn’t last – normal phrases I’d tell myself….but this time I CHOSE not to. I said, “F&CK YEAH I deserve this and even more is on it’s way.” I played with my language in a very big way. I shifted my energy to a higher level and almost INSTANTLY dolls things I couldn’t even dream up, doors I couldn’t imagine, money I didn’t know how or where it’d come from….just showed up. God made it happen and I finally started trusting HIS way and not MY very small and limited ways. You aren’t in this alone…God’s got you…ALWAYS and even when we think we’re trusting and not doubting…if you’re feeling heavy from all the work and feeling blocked from results showing up…snuggle up a little closer to God and watch him move! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am fearless in my faith.