What you consciously choose to feel is exactly what you’re going to see. The good news is you can change your mind about anything, any second of the day. You can rewrite the story you tell yourself whenever you choose to and the minute you realize that you have that power….you will FEEL more empowered!

We have created stories about things in our lives. We tell them to ourselves all day long. Anything from “There’s no way I could ever earn that amount of money” to “If I’m not married by this age it’s never going to happen.” We tell ourselves stories about everything from our bodies to our minds and souls. We create them about food, people, clothing, age, health, relationships, jobs and finances. But they can all be changed anytime and here’s why: Because there never was or will be a right or wrong description for anything you see.

What that means is you decide. You get to decide what is good or bad. You get to assign the meanings and definitions to all the things in your life. No one does that for you however for more than half our lives – and some of us longer…we think it’s all figured out and decided on for us. It isn’t but usually we live under that assumption until we get tired of playing small and feeling lost, hopeless and confused. You make the rules. You get to choose! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I make the rules. I get to choose what everything means.