When you feel like life is happening TO you and not FOR you, there’s a small but important piece of the puzzle you’re missing and that’s that you decide what happens TO you. I know that’s a little confusing so I’ll explain: We’ve got a great big powerful Universe working on our behalf. It’s delivering everything you believe you can have and whatever it hasn’t delivered yet…it’s merely waiting for you to remove the block from your mind that is negating it from showing up.

But if you keep telling yourself you can’t have it because you can’t see it yet….then you are simply delaying it’s arrival. You are doing that TO you. God/Universe is not doing that to you…you and your free will have chosen to block your blessing. See you ask and God provides and the only thing you need to do is believe. The only sh*t standing between you receiving that blessing you asked for is whatever you believe within you that says it’s impossible for you to have it. I’ll keep going…you want something but as most humans do we base knowing we can have it off of seeing it. The “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality. But that isn’t how this game of life works dolls…you must believe it in order to see it.

So what’s stopping you from believing you can have it? Oh, well…tons of things like you feeling unworthy or like good things only happen to other people BUT you. Perhaps you think you just weren’t born one of the lucky ones or you haven’t worked hard enough to earn it. Whatever thoughts are circling in your mind…they all have one thing in common – they’re lies. And get this…they’re lies that YOU and only you are telling yourself. God doesn’t believe them…you’ve just decided somewhere along the line that they are true. And there’s a whole bunch of reasons that attach to that but we aren’t in a session here and for the sake of this article I’m going to get to the point: You deserve and are worthy of ANYTHING you ask for. Do you hear me? ANYTHING! Now…the reason you don’t have whatever you want yet is because you haven’t removed your internal blocks standing in the way. It’s like a little obstacle course but there aren’t any other people competing. Matter fact…everyone else on the course is literally there POINTING you in the direction of where the block is. They are the cheat sheet to your own personal obstacle course. They are ALL HELPING YOU get to where you want to go. Good God…pay attention and listen and embrace it all and know the more that you do…the more you’ll see that your desires are a whole lot f&cking closer than you actually believe. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

The Universe sends me what I need to get me where I desire to be.