In order to learn, you must do. You have to try things and work through things in order to gain some wisdom into yourself and what you’re capable of. Far too many of you sit and watch and wish and wait and then get angry when nothing unfolds. Go live and let life happen for you!

I was playing with some new yoga toys I got for Christmas today and while doing so I was obligated to challenge myself. What used to be easy when I was younger and more flexible now is harder at 31 since my body is different. I’m not as flexible as I once was and that’s OK because I’m determined to get as flexible as possible now. So I was rolling around on my yoga wheel and stretching my back, hips and wrists. I’d move into a position slowly and be forced into pausing and breathing because it was painful. My body wasn’t used to being that way and the only way to get to my desired end goal was THROUGH. I couldn’t force it because I’d end up injuring myself and delaying my progress, so rather I’d go as far as I could and then a little bit further to push myself and I’d pause. Then I’d sit in that position for a while and breathe into the pain. As I did so I was able to pinpoint exactly what was stretching and I noticed things about my body I never noticed before.

It’s really the same in life dolls…the only way out is THROUGH. But through doesn’t need to be torture…not if you just breathe and feel into it. No…I really mean that…when you experience discomfort in life, there is no sense is panicking about it. You are experiencing it to show you where you need to stretch and bend a little more. You are feeling it so you know where to focus and offer more love. Feelings are merely for that and that only. They are indicators of where we need to focus in each given moment and what needs some more of our attention and affection. I could have rolled right off my yoga wheel very easily the second it got hard…but that wasn’t my purpose in using it. I was on it for a reason and hopping off would not have served me or my desired outcome. Actually just the opposite…it would have delayed my progress completely. If I had screamed rather than breathed through the discomfort…that would have made it MORE uncomfortable. So I breathed and laughed through the discomfort and that allowed me to stay much longer in positions that were initially painful. Laugh through the “pain” dolls. That “pain” is helping you pay attention to something…use it as a directional while you breathe and thank it for it’s purpose. No reason to fight it…that won’t serve your highest good…you need to work with the obstacles in life to get to where you want to go rather than run from and avoid them because they’re all only helping you be all that you want to be in order to receive all that you desire to receive! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I face all challenges with ease knowing they're all only benefiting me!ALF WEBSITE