Sometimes you’ve done all you can do…you’ve learned a whole bunch of sh*t and now it’s time to step aside and stop forcing results to unfold. Step back and let God do the work that he’s so incredible at doing. We can spend months, years even (I know I have before) at working on a business, idea, some personal growth, a friendship or relationship…whatever only to tire ourselves out and be left wondering why we aren’t seeing results.

That’s because you’ve done SO MUCH work that you haven’t given it time to catch up in the physical realm. Let me explain: The work is always done internally FIRST, then it shows up externally around you. So if you think you’re not seeing results and nothing is working….hang tight, it’s coming. The energy is compiling and the momentum is building and you just need to be patient because when you least expect it…BOOM that blessing will show up right in front of your face! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am ready to receive everything that is meant for me!