I have been laughing all day but I didn’t wake up that way. Let me tell you something…it takes all of a minute to shift your mind and then shift your energy. I woke up in a funky mood. I prayed and meditated and the whole nine yards and felt good then it left and so I tried again. I sat down and journaled and prayed some more and started reading and then something clicked. I was allowing what I see in front of me to affect my mood rather than creating my own reality.

You see it happens to us all. We look around us and see some stuff we don’t have yet that we want to have and then get frustrated because we don’t have them. That frustration creates an energetic vibration that starts shooting out into the Universe and then before we know it little by little more things begin frustrating us. When you do what I do you become sensitive to your energy shifting almost immediately. Often people don’t catch it until they’re in a full-fledged panic attack wondering why they’re having such a sh*tty day and they don’t realize they created that day exactly that way. They chose the panic attack. I didn’t want that for myself today so I kept pausing to get my brain straight on what I did want to unfold.

So I sat down and decided to write out what I want and how I’m feeling and what I know to be true. Then I said to myself, “Ok if this is what you want and this is what you don’t want….why even waste your time and energy thinking about what you don’t want…immediately start visualizing what you do want right this second.” So that’s what I did! I put on some music and got my energy up and I felt into the positive words I was choosing to use to create my new reality. I affirmed them to myself and within minutes I was smiling, dancing, laughing and I didn’t even have to force it – it all came naturally. As the day went on I stayed on that high vibe because just as I said earlier…what you focus on expands. I shifted from focusing on the negative towards the positive so I created a domino effect of positive experiences, emotions, conversations and events throughout my entire day. Now maybe I didn’t wake up on the best side of the bed but every single day we get a choice. I didn’t want to choose to go to negative town so I chose again and again and again until my choice became my reality! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am choosing the thoughts I wish to see, feel and have appear!