Live. Go out and have some fun. When you feel weighed down, confused or even upset, the best thing to do is mix up your routine. Go try something new. Do something different. Expand your horizons dolls because often we tense up the energy around sh*t we really want and forget to live our lives in the process.

We sit and dwell and panic and freak out when things don’t go our way or don’t appear to be unfolding how we desire and it’s like we forget to breathe – cept we do that AND we forget to actually do the other necessary stuff that we’re put on this Earth to do like LIVE, have fun and be free! When you back off on something you’re stressing about you loosen the energy and allow God to work in his mysterious yet magical ways. 

And when you allow God to just be GOD….well some beautiful sh*t happens! All that stuff you were stressing over suddenly gets resolved. All that stuff you were panicking about suddenly looks easy. Things just work themselves out. Miracles flow your way and all you had to do was take a little time away! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

When I align with my joyful place, miracles are able to then find their way!