Today I’m going to flip your brain upside down on fear. We all have fears. We all have worries and doubts and bullsh*t that cycles in our brains constantly. That comes from past experiences. We carry those experiences forward with us in our memory while words, people and places tend to trigger them to come to life and spark an emotion inside of us which then has us panicking, reacting and freaking the f&ck out.

Let me explain: So you have an experience and you keep having negative thoughts around it because you don’t like how it unfolded. You’ve been trying to shake it but it seems the more you fight the thoughts, the harder they come at you. So then you realize you need to stop fighting them. So you start accepting the fears and negative thoughts when they rise up and observing them without judgment. But you can’t help in these moments to still get frustrated that they keep coming up. Why can’t you shake them? Why does it seem the moment you start to forget about them…they emerge out of the clear blue sky triggering you again?

Because negativity does that. Negativity (aka your ego/fear-based mind) does NOT want to lose it’s power. It’s only power is you CHOOSING to feed those negative thoughts. You know by now going there doesn’t feel good but curiosity always gets you, doesn’t it? It’s a soft spot…a weakness, if you will. You battle day in and day out and negativity catches you off guard be it when you first wake up or when you’re about to go to sleep. How bout in the middle of the day when your mind’s at ease focused on something totally different. So what do you do? Well here’s the radical shift dolls…the fact that negativity is working overtime is a really GOOD sign. It means it’s losing power over you (aka you’re growing, healing, advancing). It is losing it’s grip so it’s clinging and trying to find ways to sneak attack you to get you to move backwards in your brain. Don’t fall for it. When you see or feel a negative thought/trigger arise I want you to smile or laugh and say, “This is good!” Because it IS really good…as long as you don’t buy what it’s selling…then get this…you’re WINNING. Negativity (fear) is losing it’s grip over you and while it gets weaker and weaker…you get stronger and stronger stepping forward closer to your desires! Do I smell a breakthrough? Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

Everytime I choose love over fear I get stronger and closer to my desires!