The words you speak about yourself are exactly what you’ll become. The story you tell yourself is what’s creating your life as you see it. Your life is constructed around your personal design plan dolls. You sketch it out in your thoughts and words and you get to decide where the walls go and the doorways are. You are the architect of your own life. You decide what it looks like and how it unfolds and the Universe supports you in all of it.

So here’s the thing…a lot of us don’t like to take responsibility for what unfolds in our life. We like to give that power away to others and say it isn’t our fault. But excuses like that only keep you stuck. Because you decide whether your life is positive or negative and the Universe/God does NOT distinguish between good and bad….it just follows suit. So if you ask for something and keep thinking about it and talking about it…you’re going to get it whether you like it or not. I find that refreshing but that scares a lot of people. They think they’re mind and thoughts are out of their control but that’s actually the ONLY thing you have control of.

You get to direct your mind…that mind is what creates your world. If you decide to send your mind to negative town…that’s on you. If you’d rather dream big and build a life that some only dream of…that’s also on you. The choice is yours. For a good chunk of my life I allowed myself to be a victim to my thoughts. I thought them and then complained about what unfolded before my very eyes. I created the thoughts and let them have power over me. Then I got tired of that way of living because I always felt like I was at the mercy of someone or something so I decided I’d start telling myself the story of how I DESIRE to live. That’s the key word dolls…DESIRE. So even though it felt like a lie at first I told myself this story and retold it daily until it felt natural and became a habit. Instead of replaying my old story of how I wasn’t going to ever get very far in life and I’d always be stuck…I chose to tell myself how beautiful I am and how smart I am and how people adore me and money always finds me. Guess what happened? My world changed around me. I felt better. I seemed to look better to others AND what I received was exactly what I desired! When I desire more…I add it into my story…it’s that simple dolls. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life…YOU have that power! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am the architect of my life. I create my own reality!