In this life you always get to choose.  That choice is whether or not you choose to perceive things as “bad” and “good” or just all good. Here’s the thing though, we’re preprogrammed to see sh*t as bad and good. So how do you reprogram yourself to perceive things differently? How do you reset the default setting of your brain to look at things that you’re programmed to see as BAD, instead as an actual miracle?

Are you going to get mad if I tell you it’s easier than you think? Don’t…I’ve been doing this a while and it wasn’t easy until I understood how my brain operated. Once I had the awareness of my own programming, I reclaimed my power and could easily choose to see everything as a blessing. Know how? I flip it and reverse it. I take a look at what I would see as “bad” and then I try to understand within myself why it’s actually bad, what it’s making me feel and why. Then I ask myself what is the opposite of that feeling. I inquire within how I desire to feel and with a flip of a switch I choose to let myself feel that by simply thinking differently about that thing.

It’s all a choice that I make. I can choose to replay the old preprogrammed story that doesn’t make me feel good OR I can choose again. The problem most of us humans have is we think we have no control over what is “good” and what is “bad”. We think we’re at the mercy of something larger than us when in reality that thing that’s larger than us…God/Universe…is actually working in our favor. It’s not telling us HOW to see sh*t…we have that free will choice. So CHOOSE AGAIN! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am choosing the thoughts that feel good. What I choose to believe is what I will see.