Do you know you’re worthy? Do you think you deserve it? Sometimes we think the answer is yes because we want the answer to be yes but close your eyes and feel into your body. What do you feel when you say you deserve it? Does it feel expansive or closed off? Can you connect with what you’re saying to yourself or does it feel like just words?

If you feel tightness and no emotion then you probably don’t feel that you are worthy of your desire…but perhaps you aren’t sure why. Maybe it’s deep and you haven’t accessed it yet but here’s the thing…why don’t you just advocate for yourself right now and say, “I am clearing out anything standing in my way.” Just say it to yourself. Say it a few times if you need to because you chose to hang onto it – at least some part of you did and now you’re craving more so that old junk needs to leave.

Don’t worry, it’ll be replaced with better stuff. Better thoughts, feelings, words, energies, actions, opportunities and people are all waiting right outside that door but you need to make some room first. Sometimes we aren’t sure WHERE the room needs to be made and that’s ok too. That’s when you just allow the old to fall away. All you need to do is consciously choose to release and then allow it to. The mere act of being open to more is all you need for it to flow through. The mindful choice to step through that door and greet the new will open up an entirely new world you’ve been dreaming of just for you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am clearing out anything holding me back from the life I desire!