If God told you that all you needed to do was walk outside and smile to change your entire life/situation/circumstances…would you do it? This is how God operates…he teaches through events and people in our lives and instead of looking for the lesson, we get bogged down by the event or person itself. We start to harp on the details rather than focusing on the larger picture.

It’s the same as if God were to tell you to walk outside and smile and you were like, “But why bother smiling if it’s raining?” and God is like, “Because you can find good even in the rain.” But you tell God, “I don’t see a point to smile if it’s raining….rain is wet and muddy and makes everything a mess.” Then God says, “Yes but see without the rain the trees and the grass wouldn’t get watered. Without the rain the flowers couldn’t grow. Without the rain the pollen couldn’t be washed away. Without the rain nothing would be sustained or nourished or be able to grow into beautiful things.” And you pause and think about it for a second and then you realize God’s got a point. That if all you have to do is walk outside in the rain and smile…why won’t you just f&cking do it? Why let the the obvious nuisances of the rain change your mind about the truth you know within – the bigger picture…all the good sh*t it does.

This is how we operate through life dolls. God gives us people and situations to help us become better…to learn our worth, respect ourselves and grow and we so often get hung up on the person and situation rather than the lesson within ourselves. Just like we get hung up on how messy the rain is rather than recognizing how much good it does. But if you can walk into the rain and smile, God is saying that’ll change it all. Meaning: Whatever is unfolding in your life right this moment and no matter how heavy or confusing it is…smile because it’s growing you and nourishing you in ways that may not be so obvious. Actually the ways might appear messy…like how sloppy it gets outside when it downpours. But it’s OK because there’s a bigger picture and behind the illusion of the messiness that it appears to be causing (we perceive it to be causing) there’s beauty and breakthroughs and miracles. But all it’s going to take is you not getting hung up on all the details and messiness and simply embracing what you know is working under the surface. So when you hear God tell you to walk outside in the pouring rain and smile dolls…go f&cking do it…it’ll change your life, that I promise! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I find beauty in the bigger picture and release my attachment to the details.