So lately I’ve been doing this thing where I wake up earlier than my alarm and as my brain starts to cycle through whatever I was thinking about before bed…I consciously choose instead to have a chat with God. All of us wake up and have a little bit of a routine in the morning – mine gets altered a bit here and there but I always, always, always begin my day with prayer. Though lately it’s been slightly different…I think I’ve reached a new level of my relationship with God where now I talk to him a bit differently. Instead of just asking for guidance or wisdom around situations…I now keep saying, “Just tell me what to do,” or “Tell me how to see it differently, “ or “How do I fix this…show me.”

It’s not that I never asked for God to do these things before….it’s just now I have zero hesitation in saying, “Show me right now how to change this.” The difference in my approach is my faith has increased and my confidence has skyrocketed. Where I was perhaps attempting before to respectfully ask God for assistance when he had time or on HIS time…I’m now saying, “Listen…I need this today and I have no doubt you’re sending it my way, thank you in advance.”

It almost sounds like it should be common sense but even after 10 + years of this journey…I am still growing and always will be. So what I want to leave you with here is whatever is weighing on you…no matter how big or small…just ASK. It’s never about WHAT you’re asking for….it’s always about HOW you’re asking for it and then if you’re trusting it to actually show up (it will if you trust it will). Don’t hesitate in your asking and please know that you aren’t bothering God and don’t think you’re being “rude” to God by demanding an answer. Sure you need to be open to it not happening in the next five minutes…that’s where you simply need to trust the answer is on it’s way. But remember his answer, however it appears is as guaranteed as when you casually walk in the house and flip the lightswitch on; or when you hop in the shower and turn the hot water on; or you get in your car and turn the key in the ignition. Sure there are times where the power might go out or the water gets shut off or the car won’t start….but eventually it all turns back on and runs again…BUT on a normal everyday basis these things we don’t hesitate to think about – they are expected. Your answer from God is promised (it should be expected every time) and if it feels like it’s one of those days where the light starts to flicker….know that God’s just testing your faith because he always promises light. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

What I ask for I always receive. I am given what I need when I trust and believe.