You’ve grown. Whether you believe it or not you have. You’re wiser than you were an hour, day or month ago. You’re stronger than you were a year ago. No matter where you are right in this moment…you’re better than you were.

That’s a beautiful thing to realize. I’ve been noticing all year how much I’ve grown and how when certain situations happen…how I used to handle them and how I handle them now. How my turnaround time on a “freak out” moment has gotten a lot shorter. How I maintain my peace through external chaos. How I rise above even when I have every reason to break down and cry. How my confidence has soared and my value has skyrocketed. I’ve noticed how much God has transformed me in the matter of a year. How it seems a lot of major lessons in my life were clumped together into a matter of a few months and I didn’t only pass the tests…I kicked their a$$es.

I’m in awe at how God has worked in my life and I hope you’re in awe at how he’s always working for you too. You are always transformed when you least expect it but need it the most. You are given exactly what you need when you need it and that includes the heartbreaks, failures and mistakes. But you’ve grown because that was their purpose. Perhaps you’ve grown in ways no one would notice but you. Did you find yourself in situations where they seemed familiar but you acted different and then felt good when it was over? Were you able to rise above an argument or unnecessary drama and light up a little more on the inside knowing that you just totally passed a test by not feeding the fears and negativity? Did you overcome some major insecurities like maybe walking into a crowded room of strangers and speaking on a microphone in front of them all? Did you make new friends and let go of old ones that just didn’t serve who you are anymore? Did you cry, smile, laugh and dance and sing? Did you hug someone and tell someone you love them? Did you look in the mirror and like what you saw…even if just for a second? Did you close your eyes at night and breathe a deep exhale knowing you served your purpose in a really big way today? I pray that you did because I did…I experienced all of the above and even if you can just pluck one thing from the list know that you’re still becoming better every day. You have an amazing purpose to serve just being who you are and if you can’t be the best version of you then you’re only doing yourself a disservice. So take a second and look back and say thank you…because God is taking you to places you’ve dreamed and nothing can stand in your way or dim your light unless you say it can. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I rise above anything that tries to keep me small!