Are you clear on what’s important to you? What about what is serving you? When we aren’t sure how things “serve” us in life, it kind of turns into a big free-for-all. We allow whomever into our energy field, whenever. We flounder around doing whatever pops up in front of our face because well why not…it’s there! We end up dishonoring ourselves in a very big way because we aren’t even sure how anything that is happening is serving our highest good.

See dolls life is intentional. Yes God/Universe works on our behalf but we plug in the address. We set this sh*t in motion and then step back and let him work. But when you don’t set the intention or state the desires then you end up taking whatever you can get. Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it? Have you done that in your job or your friendships? How about in a romantic relationship? Did you think whatever showed up was good enough and since it wanted you, desired you, asked for you…you thought it was meant to be yours so you took it.

But you didn’t really know what you wanted, did you? So you took whatever came your way because it arrived. You figured it wouldn’t have shown up had it not been for you. True…however everything that comes your way you don’t need to say YES to. You’re allowed to say NO and we want you to say NO to the sh*t that isn’t serving you. Now get this….as you grow and evolve…things that once served you won’t anymore. People that once served you won’t anymore. Ideas, thoughts, energies, activities and opportunities that all once seemed appealing…won’t ANYMORE. So now what? What do you do? You speak from your heart. You tell God what you truly desire within. You get clear. Something you’ve perhaps never done before. You get super duper uber clear on what it is YOU want. No it’s not a bad thing to ask for what is yearning in your soul. No it’s not putting anyone out to crave a desire in your heart. It’s yours. If you want it and can feel it and hear it in your mind…it is yours. God wouldn’t have allowed you to feel that desire if he couldn’t help deliver it to you. So ask and step back and prepare yourself to receive please because there’s an entire Universe out there waiting for you to say exactly what you need. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I always receive what I need when I get really clear on what I want.