As you grow, you will encounter things that just don’t serve you anymore. Things, people, thoughts, ideas, ways of acting that once felt comfortable and good for you that now no longer do. When that happens we get super uncomfortable. We panic and freak out and don’t understand what’s happening.

You’ve grown. Plain and simple. You’ve grown and just like a child outgrows his clothing, your soul will outgrow individuals, energies, places, habits and thoughts. And get this…it’s OK that you do. Better yet, it’s really GOOD when you do. Someone unfollows you…GOOD. Someone defriends you…AWESOME. Someone doesn’t want to be your friend anymore..FABULOUS. Know why? You just elevated my friend. You’ll always know when you do because something old will fall away to make room for something new!

So flip that perspective right now. Stop trying to please everyone in your life. Stop boxing yourself in and wanting to be accepted by everyone. It’s better that you’re not. In fact…the more backlash, the bigger the impact. Keep rising. Keep shining and the next time you see something fall away…smile and wave – because you’re about to be introduced to something new. And let me tell you a secret about the new…it’s always mind-blowingly better than what just walked away from you! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I keep fiercely shining my light no matter what others do!