It’s you vs. you. I’ve said this so many times but the more you realize it the more you actually have to laugh at yourself for how hard you fight yourself. We really battle it out HARD in our minds, don’t we!

You don’t need to though…it really doesn’t need to be as hard as you make it (as we ALL make it mind you). We get caught between the positive and negative and for some reason have a hard time distinguishing which way to lean. Now doesn’t that sound so silly? It’s like we collapse over to the negative side like it’s a big a$$ comfy bed when in reality it’s merely a black hole. It’s only a mirage of a giant comfy bed with white linens and fluffy pillows but you go to jump on it and you feel like you slammed into a brick wall.

Does this feel familiar to you? Negative thoughts are naturally our default setting in this world we live in but even though they’re easy to turn to and comfortable out of habit…they aren’t good for us at all. And the good news (and bad news) is that we get to choose. WE get a choice on if we slam into that brick wall or not. So here’s the deal: What do you want? That’s what you believe and that’s what you’re always going to receive. What you want is what you need to focus on…NOT what you don’t want. And if you can’t figure out what it is you want or don’t want…one doesn’t make you anxious or worried or frightened and the other one always does. One makes you panic and the other leaves you excited. So feel into your heart center when your mind goes there and lean into the thoughts that light you up…not the ones that darken the way. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I lean into my light to shine the negativity away!