When you feel fear…go there. Feel it and move in that direction. I want you to know those things that you’re scared to do are the very things you NEED to do for your breakthrough. When I was younger and even up until my twenties, I used to get nervous about things and find any excuse to not do them. The excuses never worked and I ended up doing them anyhow and it always turned out exceptionally well.

When I was 12 I entered into the Miss Majorette of New Jersey Pageant. No not a “pageant pageant” it was a baton twirling competition with a little modeling thrown in. I was 12 and terrified because I never thought of myself as a “good enough” baton twirler though everyone else seemed to think I was. I was good…I wanted to think I was better than good but I constantly compared myself to the other girls. So here I was performing alone against the top twirlers in New Jersey and I was f&cking nervous.

Something happens to me when I get nervous…to this day it still does at times but I manage it better – I get a major attitude and shut down. Like you can’t talk to me or touch me…I don’t even want you near me. I remember shutting down at Miss Majorette and being so nervous I kept hoping I’d get sick and have a reason to just leave. But that deeper part of me took over and tuned it all out…even the physical feelings of nervousness got tuned out the minute I stepped on the floor to perform. So even though my body was having a physical reaction to me stepping out of my comfort zone…I walked through it anyhow and I ended up winning. At age 12 I won the title of Miss Majorette of New Jersey for my age group and when I was handed my little sash and bouquet of flowers I think I was still so zenned out that I literally don’t remember it happening unless I look at photos of me on stage. So what’s my point in sharing this story? When you let the physical feelings of fear or nervousness subside, you realize all they were, were just pent up illusions you’ve created ABOUT yourself. Illusions because they aren’t who you really are. That deeper part of me knew better and kept me going but my physical body was all, “Hell NO Amy…find a way out!” Feel the feelings but don’t feed them…let them pass and they will go because it’s just old sh*t you used to believe about yourself that isn’t true. As you move more towards your desires…you will need to shed some old skin and you WILL feel it but know that when you do…that’s your breakthrough…so don’t let it hold you back! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My fear shows me where my breakthrough will appear!