When you get stressed and overwhelmed it’s a huge sign to pause. Press the pause button on whatever it is you’re doing otherwise you end up pushing through and forcing it. I’m the queen of pushing through stress, pain, distraction, sickness, etc. You name it and you’ll rarely know what’s actually unfolding in my life unless I tell you because I just keep moving forward.

However…that’s not necessarily a good thing. Quite frankly…it’s the very opposite. When you keep going on empty because you think you “need” to get it done or you have no choice or you’ll miss out if you don’t hurry up…it all actually backfires. That’s right! That sh*t you’re working so hard on (whatever it is) resists you. Why? Because your energy is off. I’d always keep moving through because I never wanted to appear incapable, less than or not good enough. That’s a silly thought to have right? Everyone gets run down, tired and at some point in time we might catch a cold or have the flu. But my idea of being perfect hindered me from allowing myself to rest.

Guess what happened when I started doing it the other way around? When I began actually taking time out for me to rest, relax and regroup consistently…I flourished. My business would thrive, my energy was at a high and I felt happy and healthy. You see we need to constantly fuel ourselves and when your body physically starts telling you to take it easy with some aches, pains or exhaustion…LISTEN. That’s an indicator it’s running low on fuel and needs to fill back up again. Your body can’t actually talk…it speaks through feeling and unless you pay attention you’ll fall into the trap that I used to be in of going and going and going until you’re so drained and run down, you aren’t sure how to pick yourself back up again. These days I set aside time every month before scheduling my clients. I block out days just for me to do what I need to do to take care of me. If I wait around for a day to open up…it won’t happen. I need to be deliberate and intentional about my self-care because in order for me to help all of you, I need to help myself too! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am worthy of my time, attention and love!