My mother just told me…

“Amy, you’re like a giant gust of wind shooting through a room. You clean it out and make us all rebuild what’s there the right way.”

And I looked up at her and said, “That’s good. I am. You’re welcome.”

Honesty is hard for some.
Rather….many. It’s hard for MANY people.

But it’s less the being honest with others and more the being honest with oneself.

Because in order to be honest with others…you NEED to be honest with yourself.
Only problem is…
That can be scary.

I get it.

I know who I am. I know what I do. I know what I am great at. I know what my presence makes others do.
I can be intense. That’s my spirit. It cleans out rooms to simplify to the purest form.
It flushes out darkness.
It strengthens what’s meant to weaken.
And it shifts and transforms and heals.

In order to be honest with others you need to be honest with yourself.
Telling yourself the truth is hard.

Allowing yourself to feel is harder.
But busting down your personal walls to keep your own heart from being felt is…


I wrote that for dramatic effect.
However it’s true.

But it’s LESS dangerous to others…
And more dangerous for you.

How do you live without knowing your heart?

How do you love?
How do you feel?
How do you see?

You don’t.

You walk around blind.
And coincidentally…but not so much….I also had a conversation about seeing eye dogs this morning.
And I said how much I FEEL for them.


Because having vision…like real physical sight allows me to look at my dog and perceive him as an innocent creature. I love him and tend to him and perhaps obsessively treat him like a human child….and some call me a bit of a helicopter mom and that’s ok BUT my point is this…
Could you imagine the responsibility of leading someone who can’t see?

Could you imagine what it would be like to NOT be able to see?
I’m being philosophical here….because my point is….it hurts me to think about it.

And yet I was once blind and so were you….not physically for me personally but emotionally.
I once clouded my heart.
I once suppressed my feelings.
I denied my own truth.

And then one day I got sick of hiding them.
Like a ticking time bomb I let them explode.

But before that I was walking around without a seeing eye dog and no cane to find my way.
So I can’t imagine MENTALLY or EMOTIONALLY going back that way…

The pain is far too great.

And so I truly sympathize with those with no physical sight.
On the surface for me it looks rather hard.
But here’s what is interesting…

Those with no physical sight can see far greater than us who have it.

Because that “lack” is the catalyst for more.

What appears to be missing, nudges them to greatness through the acceptance of what is.

The thing they STRUGGLE with the most becomes their GREATEST STRENGTH. 


Because they have no other choice but to master it.

But first they need to get real about it. They have to. They simply have to.

Your vulnerability is your strength.
Your realization of a perceived limit is your opportunity for your greatest achievement. 

They might not be able to physically see….in what we CLASSIFY as “physically sight” but they can…they so can.
They are more aware.
They smell what we ignore.
They hear what we tune out.
They feel what we refuse to touch.

They have the opportunity for greatness through the use of their imagination.
They have the the ability to create something from nothing.

And it all was rooted in what one might have called a weakness or a limit.
They take that weakness and make it their strength. And that’s the purpose of getting real with yourself.
That’s why being RAW is so important.

That’s why your vulnerability is the catalyst for your greatness.
No one has it.
You create what you want from it.
And though it might not be SEEN….it’s there…in your heart and in your mind and you can make it into whatever you desire it to be.
Your vulnerability is the catalyst for your greatness
So feel it.
Hear it.
Touch it.
Love it.

And share it please.
Because that spark of greatness is needed far beyond what the eye can see.