It’s good to remind yourself that the truth is always simple and the truth always feels good. When the negative thoughts start to flood your mind, you need to shift back to truth. The simple feel-good feelings are where you need to go and you need to do it deliberately.

Negative thoughts are unconscious beliefs. Old sh*t is what I call them. That old sh*t could be triggered any second of any day and if you allow yourself to listen, you will spiral downward listening to their bullsh*t. Or you could take the other route and choose not to believe them. You could tap into that well of inner power and remind yourself of what’s true. It’s never true that you’re worthless. It’s never true that you can’t do something. It’s never true that you’re not good enough. You’ll know the difference between the truth and the lies because the truth always feels good and the lies never do.

So is it easy to shift back to truth when the negativity overtakes you? Not if you aren’t aware it’s overtaking you. Meaning: If you stay mindful of how you feel and you start to feel off while thinking about something…why keep thinking it? Really…it’s that simple? Usually we engage it in an exploratory fashion like, “What if…” and “How come…” and “Let me find out more…” but that NEVER gets you anywhere good. What you seek, you will find. So let’s choose to seek the good sh*t, ok? Instead of engaging in the negative thoughts, pause and recognize what’s happening and shift yourself back to confessing the truth. Often that’s as easy as affirming the opposite of the lie. Other times it takes a little more oomph as in explaining to yourself how what you know is true, is actually true. But it’s up to you because you have power and control over where your mind goes and if you’re sitting and waiting for something to suddenly happen to shift it back…let me be the one to break it to you that what you focus on EXPANDS. You get to decide what you’re expanding…and that’s both empowering and a little scary if you fear your mind. Don’t fear your mind…it’s like a child, so teach it where you want it to go and what you want it to do and watch it work for you and not against you always! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I focus on the things that feel good. I choose to invest my energy in what I want more of.