When you stop worrying about stuff you can’t control and focus on what you can control – like your thoughts, words and actions…you are free. That’s because you stop handing your power away to everything. When you recognize what your triggers are….those insecurities, fears and weaknesses that make you feel sad, scared, limited, stuck or small…you are able to rise above them and release whatever hold they used to have on you.

So you see it’s really that simple…nothing outside of you has power over you. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, what it says or how it acts. You choose what you give your power to. There is no right or wrong here….it’s simply your choice but if you keep handing it over to things and people out there…you’re only taking yourself in circles and feeling pretty sh*tty while doing it. But if you hold to your power and recognize that every single thing happening OUT THERE is a lesson for you, you’ll not only maintain your peace but you’ll strengthen your spirit.

You see wisdom comes from awareness and that awareness is all about what’s going on inside of you. When you know how you think and feel then you know how to respond to what’s unfolding around you. If you aren’t sure how to rise above your own personal reactive tendencies…then you’re going to feed into everything going on out there and never have peace within. You are going to get so caught up in the chaos of everyone and everything that you’ll feel lost, confused and powerless. Take your awareness and place it inside of you. Identify with yourself. Learn your strengths and master your weaknesses. Recognize what sets you off and the places you can take yourself when you react rather than respond. Then CHOOSE to not go there. Choose to rise above all those things you’ve identified within and watch how your life turns around in an amazing way. Watch how with a simple shift of focus and power…all your desires show up right away! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am powerful and strong and I call in everything I want!