Are you playing small to make others feel more comfortable with their chosen smallness? See we all choose. Some choose not to grow – it’s sad but true. For me it’s hard to be around that energy because I feel energy. So I can feel their hurt and pain and suffering and their resistance to changing it. So there have been times where I make myself less powerful and less bright in order to compensate for their chosen shortcomings. There are times we dim our inner glow to avoid bitterness and resentment.

I know…I’ve done it so I can tell you what happens when you do just that. You block yourself from succeeding. You let someone else choosing to stay stuck keep you stuck and it’s all because subconsciously you want to help them. Perhaps you love and care for them and know their potential that they can’t yet see. Either way by you dimming yourself down and cutting off your own power…you are holding yourself back and doing you and them a major disservice. You don’t need to do what I do to encounter situations like this. Maybe you have a friend who is just always complaining and you’re trying to help them see that if they change their thinking, certain situations would actually get better for them but instead they argue and refuse. Instead they shut you down or worse…mock you suggestion. Perhaps you have a family member you see struggling and you try to help them or guide them but they refuse to listen. You know if they just took your guidance they’d flourish but their stubbornness and pride has taken over and you have no chance at making an impact. 

It could be these or something similar but the common theme is you wanting to help. You want to help someone else be better, do better, get better and they simply don’t want it for themselves. I want you to know they’ve chosen that. You need to know it’s not your job to convince or help those who choose to stay stuck. They’ll love being around you, sure…because your energy is high and they can tug on it to feel better temporarily. But that’s holding you back. Release, let go and know that they’ll catch up if they truly want to. Otherwise they can watch from behind but either way it is their choice…just like it’s yours whether you allow yourself to be held back or you choose to fly! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am free from whatever hinders me.