So let me tell you what happens when you fight your feelings…they stick around. Yup, that’s right – what you resist always persists and so all day I was kind of fighting my bad mood. I didn’t have time for a bad mood. I didn’t have time for tears. I didn’t have time for anger or sadness or frustration – I had places to go, clients to see and people to help. I didn’t realize I was resisting at the time because my frustration was so intense about how I was feeling – but when my day finally slowed down and I was left with no other choice but to sit with the feelings, guess what happened? Those f&ckers just disappeared!

Ok and I’m human so as elated as I was, it slightly pissed me off. I battled these damn feelings all day and they just leave once I stop fighting them? Yes, that’s exactly what happened. But guess what, that’s how EVERYTHING happens! Sometimes we don’t even realize we are resisting because we chalk it up to just trying to make it through. Or we’re searching for a remedy, something to bandaid or eliminate it in the moment. I tried every remedy I knew and then some today and nothing took. Just the opposite in fact, those feelings came at me harder and stronger and finally I recognized that God was saying, “Hey Amy, just feel it girl!” So I did, I sat with it.

When you stop fighting what is, you flow. I knew that and many of you know that or have heard that before. But how do you stop resisting it when you want it to be different? How do you stop wishing or longing for more in those moments and then getting flustered because you don’t have it? Well…you let it be because it’s as it is in that moment for a reason. So find a way to let it be ok. Find a way to hold it without judging it. Find a way to let it hang out, change form and then go when it’s ready. Because it will go. I promise it’ll go. But it’ll go a whole lot quicker when you don’t try to force it out. That force is a form of control. That resistance is creating a block to the flow. The flow is where your desire lives and the sooner you can let things just be as they are, the sooner that thing you so preciously want can arrive. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I welcome in the flow by releasing the fight.