Life is always going to throw you a curveball or two (or ten) but the thing to keep in mind is that it’s always for a reason and it’s always to help you. That’s right…it’s always benefiting you! Sure it might sound too good to be true but why exactly would God want to harm us again? He doesn’t…the only things that harm us are our own thoughts about others, the world and what we perceive to be happening.

When you lead with love you cannot be hurt. When you lead with peace you will always be blessed. When you have patience for whatever is or could be flowing your way…that builds strength in your soul. I knew there was a reason I nannied for 7 little boys at one point in my life – I have an infinite amount of patience and I will tell you from personal experience…it pays off. Patience reaffirms your trust in the bigger picture. Patience is the gasoline to your faith-driven heart.

Having faith can be hard because as I mentioned in yesterday’s affirmation that requires you to believe in something you can’t physically see. But if we could do it as kids, don’t let your adult mind stand in the way now – why do you think kids have less worries than all of us? They aren’t bogged down with irrational thoughts like adults are. But faith and patience go hand-in-hand because if you can acquire an infinite amount of patience for what you KNOW in your HEART will happen…you just lightened the load of your life. You can now navigate all those curveballs a whole lot smoother. There’s no way around them dolls…they’re sent your way to help prepare you for what you want and help prepare IT for you! So be patient and trust everything is always working out for you in divine timing…because it is. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I sit back and breathe knowing all is well.